The Healthy Workplace Bill: What’s it all about?

Deb Caldieri, Crystal Novitch, Greg Sorozan, and David Yamada testify in support of the Healthy Workplace Bill before a committee of the Massachusetts state legislature, July 2011

The Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB) is model legislation I authored that provides severely bullied employees with a legal claim for damages, creates legal incentives for employers to act preventively and responsively with regard to bullying behaviors, and protects those who have made complaints or filed suit about workplace bullying from retaliation.

Variations of the HWB have been introduced in over 20 state legislatures since 2003. Thanks to the work of advocates across the country, we are getting closer and closer to making this bill a law.

Educational slideshow about the HWB

Toward that end, we now have an excellent slideshow that explains the need for, and basic provisions of, the HWB, courtesy of Deb Falzoi, communications director for Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates. It’s worth a good look and sharing with others.

Deb is a professional web designer and computer graphics expert who understands the need to present our case in more creative ways than asking people to read fact sheets and testimony. She’s crammed a lot of useful information into this short slideshow, in very digestible fashion.

It’s a winner of a presentation. Go here to get it.


Readers who would like to join the nationwide effort to enact the HWB can visit the campaign website. Bay Staters interested in joining our efforts here in Massachusetts can go here.

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