Workplace Bullying Institute’s DVD for targets

If you’ve been a target of workplace bullying or know someone who has been enduring this form of abuse, I highly recommend the Workplace Bullying Institute’s new DVD, Help for Bullied Targets from WBI.

This is an insightful, supportive, and frank 90-minute presentation of information, guidance, and advice that complements Gary and Ruth Namie’s groundbreaking book, The Bully at Work (2d ed., 2009). At $43 including shipping, it’s also affordable.

Before I go on, let me issue my standard disclaimer: I’ve been working with WBI and the Namies for over a decade on a pro bono basis. Although I don’t have any financial stake in this DVD, I’m too close to them to call this an impartial review.


The DVD includes the following chapters:

  • Could this be happening? Why me?
  • Getting help from professionals & family
  • Fighting back safely
  • Seeking justice from our legal system
  • Living in your post-bullying world

Of course, Gary and Ruth Namie figure prominently in the video. But also featured are Jessi Eden Brown, a licensed therapist and WBI’s coach for bullying targets, and Sean Lunsford, a consultant who joined the staff in 2011.

My impressions

I asked to see the video before writing this blog post, and as I watched, I realized it would help a lot of people. In fact, right after I finished, I ordered a copy for a friend.

I found several segments of Help for Bullied Targets from WBI especially helpful:

  • Dealing with reactions and responses from co-workers, family, and friends
  • What qualifications to look for in a therapist, and what questions to ask of a prospective therapist.
  • The realities of bringing a legal claim
  • Working through one’s emotions and planning for the long term

This is WBI’s first take at producing a DVD to help targets, so don’t expect a PBS-quality production. Putting on my lawyer hat, I think there’s still more that can be said about legal and employee benefit options. That said, this is the next best thing to having a knowledgeable personal coach or therapist. It captures years of accumulated research, experience, and wisdom gained from coaching and interviewing workplace bullying targets.

Go here for more information and ordering details.

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