Cincinnati conference to examine violence and bullying in healthcare workplaces, May 11-13

See you on May 11-13?

The University of Cincinnati is hosting the National Conference for Workplace Violence Prevention & Management in Healthcare Settings, scheduled for May 11-13, 2012, in Cincinnati.

Here’s how the organizers describe the conference:

This conference will cover the full spectrum of the workplace violence typology as it directly relates to incivility, bullying, verbal and physical aggression, threatening words or actions, sexual harassment, and physical assaults that occur in healthcare settings (e.g., hospitals, long term care, emergency departments, home health, pharmacies, clinics, and private practice offices).

This conference will provide an opportunity for national and world leadership to prevent work-related injuries by disseminating the current scientific research on healthcare workplace violence, analyzing what changes have been made to alleviate healthcare workplace violence and providing recommendations for minimizing workplace violence for healthcare providers and their patients.

See you there?

I’ve accepted an invitation to give a keynote address at the conference on Friday, May 11, during which I’ll be discussing legal issues relating to workplace bullying and violence.

In addition, the organizers are accepting abstracts for papers, poster sessions, and symposia. The due date is February 17. Go here for the link!

Chief organizers include Gordon Lee Gillespie, Ph.D., R.N. (principal investigator) and Donna M. Gates, Ed.D., R.N.  (co-investigator). Go here to learn about the rest of the conference committee.

Very important focus

I’m delighted that a full-blown, multidisciplinary conference is focusing on this topic. The healthcare workplace is important to everyone, and working conditions can be stressful and challenging. Physical violence, bullying, and other forms of aggression are common occurrences.

Over the years I’ve written a lot about bullying in healthcare. I’ve collected previous posts here:

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One response

  1. would you possess any statistical data of comparison in relation to workplace violence by employees who are ex-offenders/convicted of either felony or misdemeanor offenses? If so, I would love to review it.
    Christopher Knecht, Dir., J.E.L.

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