Funny (or not so funny) searches that led people to my blog


Indirect path to my blog!

The WordPress software that powers this blog provides bloggers with lists of searches that led readers to find us, and I thought it might be a humorous diversion to share a few with you today.

Before I start, let me offer a HUGE reassurance: WordPress does NOT supply identities of. or links to, those who do a search, nor would I be interested in such a function if it was available. Also, I’ll omit any of the endless combinations of searches related to workplace bullying, employment law, etc. Given my work over the past decade, those searches should come as no surprise.

Here goes, with my annotations:

“workplace” — I guess I should be happy that this search actually led someone to this blog!

“pressure to conform to societal expectations to become a lawyer” — Alas, a lot of law students are in law school for this very reason.

“lawyers are horrible people” — I’m not taking it personally. Wonder if it’s the person above, having succumbed to those pressures.

“what free series no account” — Huh?

“inner child in the workplace” — We need more of these.

“ quick customer response” — Sheez, I’ve written about Amazon a few times, but enough that this search would lead here?

“funny pictures of bad employers and employees” — They rarely allow themselves to be photographed.

“post-blam med school” — An M.D. will have to explain this one to me!

“butterfly effect Stephen King” — Wow, one post mentioning King’s 11/22/63 led someone here.

“David Yamada salary” — A sugar baby must’ve been getting desperate. I hope she stopped by long enough to read a few posts.

6 responses

  1. Great blog as usual. It’s amazing what people will put into a search engine. But I guess as long as they get to your site or blog, that’s what counts…right?

  2. Actually, the “funny pictures of bad employers and employees” is not a bad idea. Maybe you should start providing Minding the Workplace mug shots of toxic employers and energy vampire employees. Check with your marketing department and let me know what they say.

    Kevin Kennemer
    The Chief People Officer
    & Official Member of the David Yamada Fan Club

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