The academic workplace: A baker’s dozen posts to ponder

Academic institutions can be, umm, interesting places to earn a living. And given that I’ve been working in higher education for some 20 years now, it shouldn’t be surprising that aspects of employment relations in colleges and universities come up fairly often in this blog, especially topics such as bullying.

I’ve collected a baker’s dozen of posts that are particularly relevant to the academic workplace. Not all were written with higher education specifically in mind, but all apply.  Here they are:

1. Meetings upon meetings: The administrative mindset in academe (2012)

2. Workplace bullying and the ombudsman (2012)

3. Illuminating bullying, mobbing, and conformity in academe (2012)

4. What is academic tenure? (2011)

5. “Strategic planning”: All too often, a time-sucking bridge to nowhere (2011)

6. Keashly and Neuman on bullying in academe (2011)

7. How well does your organization respond to employee feedback and criticism? (2011)

8. Study on incivility toward graduate students reports effects similar to workplace bullying (2011)

9. The culture of academic work: On conformity, bullying and the disappearance of academic jobs (2011)

10. Rework on Rock Stars: Academe, are you listening? (2010)

11. Workplace violence in higher education settings (2009)

12. Is your workplace psychologically and ethically healthy? (2009)

13. Workplace bullying and mobbing in academe: The hell of heaven? (2009)

One response

  1. All great topics. I too was a target at my job of 18 years in a small town school department. Yesterday was the third “anniversary” of my flight from the terrorism and threats that I withstood for two years. I was hoping to attend the meeting at the state house, but that was wishful thinking. The last time I tried to get into Boston, a panic attack sent me running home in less than 5 minutes. I have been proactive from my home and hope today is a victory for the Healthy Workplace Bill. That said, we don’t need a superman to save us from a harmful and unhealthy workplace environment. If we, as a whole, continue to stay strong and diligent, we will accomplish a task that seemed impossible at the beginning.

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