New YouTube series on workplace bullying from Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates

The Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates (MHWA) have produced a series of short videos on workplace bullying and Healthy Workplace Bill. Produced by MHWA co-coordinator Deb Falzoi, the videos present short interviews with individuals who are active in workplace anti-bullying movement in the Bay State.

Here are our initial releases:

The Healthy Workplace Bill in the Massachusetts State Legislature

Pictured above (and linked here) is MHWA co-coordinator and SEIU/NAGE Local 282 President Greg Sorozan, who discusses the history and current status of the Healthy Workplace Bill before the Massachusetts state legislature.

About workplace bullying and the Healthy Workplace Bill

I have two interview segments: (1) describing the phenomenon of workplace bullying generally (above and here); and (2) explaining the background and basic provisions of the Healthy Workplace Bill (here).

Workplace bullying and organizations

Organizational consultant Paula Parnagian, President of Worldview Services, discusses the human resources aspects of workplace bullying and the types of aggressors one might encounter in the workplace (above and here).


To keep up with the latest news about efforts to enact the Healthy Workplace Bill in Massachusetts, go to our new blog, here.

One response

  1. Feeling Valued for me is a thing of the past,yes it does have a profound impact on how willing you are to go the extra mile,because when you know you are appriciated, it gives you that motivation knowing someone else appriciate what you brings to the table..

    My life and motivation slowly changed for the worst,when i became the target of Retaliation/Discrimination, once i spoke up after being called names and denied oportunities for growth when i reported some Racially sensitive comments made by a Manager,when reffering to Two Minority Women ,i’m currently in Therapy and have been prescribed medication to help deal with depression,anxiety and Panic attacks,as a result of what this company has allowed,of course,they have denied any wrong doing “Just Like A Bully”

    I struggled with taking the presribed meds,for fear i would become dependent.I know it’s only a matter of time that i’m terminated from this company,which brings on more stress related issues,it’s like i’m in a no win situation,at least this campaing has provided an outlet,that allows me to share my story and feelings with others,who can identify,with my Pain.

    Thanks you

    Now Let’s Get This Bill Passed!!!!!!

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