Working Notes: August 15, 2012

Dear Readers,

From time to time I’m going to use this Working Notes feature to briefly flag items of interest, especially if I’m pressed for time and not able to write up a full blog post about each of them.  Here goes:

Massachusetts Readers — Friday morning, October 19 — Save-the-Date Announcement

The New Workplace Institute will host a program on workplace bullying on the morning of Friday, October 19, at Suffolk University Law School in downtown Boston. Details to follow!

The event will be sponsored in conjunction with Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week, October 14-20, sponsored by the Workplace Bullying Institute.

WBI Instant Survey

And speaking of the Workplace Bullying Institute, the latest WBI instant survey gathered online responses from 516 self-selected respondents, who were asked what health impairments they’ve experienced due to bullying at work. Here’s the summary:

In the fourth 2012 WBI Instant Poll (single question), 516 visitors to the site were asked how bullying affected their health. Bullying drove 71% of targets to seek treatment from a physician. Psychological problems included, in rank order: Anxiety (80%), Depression (49%) and PTSD (30%). Many physical stress-related problems were also reported. Suicide was considered by 29%.

For more, go to the WBI blog post, here.

Working in the airline industry

Working for a commercial airline — flying the friendly skies and all that — once was seen as a glamour job for those who wanted to see the world. It can still offer that sense of adventure, but in the aftermath of 9/11 and the ongoing economic crisis, it can be very, very stressful to work in an airborne tin can.

Lisa Shames, writing for Time Out Chicago, offers this piece on the new realities of angry passengers, stressed out flight attendants, ever-present safety concerns, and huge pay cuts even as airline executives reap huge bonuses.

Who was Ayn Rand?

The late Ayn Rand, ultra conservative author and philosopher, is one of the intellectual heroes of the far right. She is back in the news because of her formative influence on GOP vice-presidential designate Paul Ryan. Her influential writings, especially the novels Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, preach a gospel of selfishness and contempt toward any kind of public safety net programs for those in need.

Jan Frel, writing for AlterNet, dissects the essence of Ayn Rand here.

When Boomers bloviate to Millennials

Paul Campos, writing for Salon, suggests that Baby Boomers need to think twice before blithely offering career and life advice to a generation facing very different challenges than they did.  He explains his “list of four things a baby boomer should never say to a millennial” here.

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