Unions: Put workplace bullying and abusive supervision on the bargaining table

Dr. Gary Namie reports on his Workplace Bullying Institute blog that in the settlement agreement of the recent Chicago teachers strike, the Chicago Teachers Union “inserted an anti-bullying clause that prohibits abusive and demeaning conduct by principals.”

Terrific! I’ve written about this many times here: We need unions to bargain over workplace bullying and abusive supervision, especially during difficult economic times when bullying behaviors are likely to be on the increase.

It’s a shame that this piece of the Chicago strike settlement isn’t getting more attention, but it’s telling that the teachers union felt strongly enough to bargain for it.

I’ve drafted suggested contract language covering abusive supervision, adapted from the Healthy Workplace Bill, the model anti-bullying statute I authored. Over the years I’ve shared versions of it with unions, and I’m told it has been a useful starting place for their negotiations. I’m happy to share it with other labor activists who provide a union e-mail address and identifying information. Please contact me at dyamada@suffolk.edu.


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