Working notes: Workplace bullying research from WBI and free articles from yours truly

For scholars, evidence-based practitioners, and others seeking research and analysis on workplace bullying, here’s some useful stuff:

Workplace Bullying Institute

If you haven’t accessed this page from the Workplace Bullying Institute website, you should click and have a look around. You’ll find links to:

My articles

On the same WBI page, you’ll also find a link to my scholarly articles on workplace bullying, employment law, and employee relations.

Among these publications, the following are the most relevant to those researching the legal implications of bullying at work:

Workplace bullying and the law

The Phenomenon of ‘Workplace Bullying’ and the Need for Status-Blind Hostile Work Environment Protection – Georgetown Law Journal, 2000 (first American law review article to explore, in depth, the legal implications of workplace bullying, concluding with a recommendation for the contours of what would become the Healthy Workplace Bill).

Crafting a Legislative Response to Workplace Bullying – Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, 2004 (contains and explains the original version of the Healthy Workplace Bill).

Workplace Bullying and American Employment Law: A Ten-Year Progress Report and Assessment – Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 2010 (examines the emerging movement to enact workplace bullying protections and discusses a more current version of the Healthy Workplace Bill).

Workplace bullying generally

Workplace Bullying and Ethical Leadership – Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 2008 (a more general piece on workplace bullying).

Employee dignity generally

Human Dignity and American Employment Law – University of Richmond Law Review, 2009 (setting forth a framework for examining American employment law and policy through the lens of human dignity).

Employment Law as If People Mattered: Bringing Therapeutic Jurisprudence into the WorkplaceFlorida Coastal Law Review, 2010 (examining how therapeutic jurisprudence can enhance our understanding of the study and practice of employment law).

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