Next week is Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week 2012

Next week, October 14-20, is Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week, an annual creation of the Workplace Bullying Institute. Watch Dr. Gary Namie’s video above, and take a look at activities sponsored by WBI here.

Boston program, Friday, October 19

Here in Boston, we’re hosting a program, “Workplace Bullying: Who are the Aggressors, and What Can We Do About Them?,” on Friday, October 19, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The program features Dr. Ronald Schouten, author of Almost a Psychopath and director of the Law and Psychiatry Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, followed by a distinguished panel including mediator Ericka Gray, organizational consultant Paula Parnagian, union president Greg Sorozan, and employment attorney David Wilson.

The event is free of charge, but advance registration is strongly recommended. For details and a registration link, go here. (We’ll have a free raffle of three copies of Dr. Schouten’s book as part of the program!)

4 responses

  1. I’m just about finished reading “Almost a Psychopath” after learning about the book in one of your posts. Thank you!!

    Having spent a week in training in September 2011, I am now working on becoming accredited in Dr. Laura Crawshaw’s model of coaching abrasive employees. Dr. Crawshaw is the author of “Taming the Abrasive Manageer.”

    I’m currently working with two clients (high-level managers in federal agencies) and am extremely encouraged by the progress at this point. I believe Dr. Crawshaw’s model will be helpful in differentiating between non-psychopaths, almost psychopaths and true psychopaths; true psychopaths will not respond to the method.

    What I appreciate most about this model is that, not only does it help the targets of workplace bullying, it works directly with the “bully” – rather than advising targets to seek new employment or terminating the bully so he/she can move on to wreak havoc in another organization.

    Thank you so much for your amazing efforts in the area of workplace bullying, David!

  2. I made copies of the “Freedom Week” posters and plan on asking downtown businesses to display them. I have been enduring bullying for 3 years. I brought it up last year and finally reported to the EEOC. We need to end this bully behavior in the workplace and pass the Healthy Workplace bill into law. Please wish me well next week as it is my turn to answer questions from the EEOC. I have been waiting since 03/2012. I am hoping to put an end to this very stressful situation. Thank you.

  3. What an interesting event – I wish everyone well who are attending, and look forward to hearing more blog feedbacks from this event, and further information; as I am ‘over-the-pond’ and cannot attend!

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