eBossWatch’s 2012 list of top employment lawyers

eBossWatch, the popular and feisty online site that allows workers to evaluate their bosses and workplaces, has announced its 2012 list of the top employment lawyers:

These top workplace harassment and discrimination attorneys have successfully represented and obtained significant financial awards for their clients, employees who alleged that they were subjected to a hostile work environment, discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation in the workplace.

You can access the full list here. The individual listings link to news stories about the successful claims that led to their inclusion on the top 100 list.

Great, but also…

I’m delighted that eBossWatch is highlighting the work of plaintiffs’ employment lawyers who are getting successful results for their clients. In addition, while the list identifies attorneys who certainly are worthy of inclusion, we should take these points under consideration:

1. Many of the best settlements of employment lawsuits (from the worker’s perspective) are not made public. Therefore, attorneys who truly delivered for their clients without going to trial (thus sparing them what can be a highly stressful experience) may not be in a position to appear on this list.

2. Readers who are contemplating legal action against a current or former employer should not read into the award amounts detailed on eBossWatch any assumption that if they can just get the right lawyer, then a big verdict or settlement awaits them. In actuality, employment claims are hard to win, and many filed cases linger for years before they are finally resolved, and not necessarily with great results for the aggrieved worker.

3. I’m guessing that the differences between the “100 best” employment lawyers as listed by eBossWatch and next, say, 500, are minimal in terms of competency and effectiveness. There are a lot of excellent plaintiffs’ employment lawyers out there.

For help in finding an employment lawyer

Here are resources worth checking out:


Those seeking to retain an employment lawyer will find online referral assistance from website of the National Employment Lawyers Association, a bar association of attorneys who specialize in representing workers.


Massachusetts residents also may “window shop” the attorney directory of NELA’s Massachusetts chapter.

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