Walmart workers organizing for better pay and working conditions: Black Friday strike planned

It’s easy for me, a single guy with a decent income, to preach the evils of shopping at Walmart and other big box stores to folks who may be struggling to make ends meet, so I’ll pass on doing that.

Rather, I’ll simply suggest that we support workers who are sticking out their necks to create better jobs for themselves and for others. This includes a thumbs up to Walmart workers who have been engaging in labor actions to protest their low pay and poor working conditions.

Black Friday strike

Groups of Walmart workers are planning a Black Friday strike, the results of which also may signal the prospects of future union organizing at Walmart stores. I wish for them great success in sending their message.

To learn more

Watch the short video above and listen to the voices of Walmart workers asking to be compensated and treated fairly.

For an assortment of Huffington Post blog pieces about the significance of the Walmart labor actions, go here

For a mainstream assessment of what the Black Friday strike means to Walmart workers, the company, and its customers, see this Washington Post piece by Renee Dudley, here.


Monday, November 26 followup — The Black Friday labor protests fell well short of being a large scale walkout, but Daily Kos blogger Laura Clawson’s post summarizes actions taking place across the country.

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    • I guess you can leave that task on the inheritors of Sam Walton. The children and grandchildren of Sam Walton have acquired elite levels of wealth. After having the time to think this through, I realize it is not necessary to raise prices to help the employees’ bottom line, although it would not hurt. All that is needed is for the inheritors, the upper management and stockholders to sacrifice so little. They already have the piles. All they need to do is stop adding to those piles at exponential levels. It would be no sacrifice at all. They would not have to sell off anything or do without anything.

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