Employment lawyers and workplace bullying

How has the emerging American legal response to workplace bullying started to impact the legal profession? Here is a collection of posts examining the relevance to employment lawyers representing workers and employers alike:

1. Corporate Counsel: Taking workplace bullying legislation seriously (2012) — The possible enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill has gone from pipe dream to reality.

2. When bad employers retain thuggish employment lawyers (2011) — The worst employers seem to be magnets for the most obnoxious employment lawyers.

3. Workplace bullying legislative movement prompts changes to employer liability insurance practices (2011) — When insurers get into the game, you know there’s an impact.

4. Workplace bullying laws are “just a matter of time,” says New York Law Journal (2011) — Reporting on a piece in the influential daily newspaper of the legal profession in New York.

5. Workers, their lawyers, and workplace bullying (2009) — How lawyers for workers can help their clients, even within the current limitations of the law.

6. Employers, their lawyers, and workplace bullying policies (2009) — How lawyers for employers can counsel their clients toward productive and healthy workplaces.

3 responses

  1. For some,has this become a tad to late. In the state of MA,if you do not file a charge of workplace violation within 300 days,it’s grounds to dismiss the case,leaving the Victim such as myself in a very uncomfortable position,i was Later Terminated after meeting with the MCAD.

  2. thanks for posting this is informative and it is important and gives hope to people to see how the theory is being related to practice…

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