Helping kids cope with news of mass shootings

As news of the horrible mass shootings at the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut unfolds, I wanted to share with readers this information from the American Psychological Association on how to help children cope with such tragedies. Here are the main points:

“Talk with your child.”

“Keep home a safe place.”

“Watch for signs of stress, fear or anxiety.”

“Take ‘news breaks’.”

“Take care of yourself.”


Thanks to the American Psychological Association and David Ballard of the APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program for sharing this.

4 responses

  1. Thank you David
    This is a horrific tragedy and we will forever remember it. You are right that what we need to do right now is comfort those children that are still with us. I think there are a couple other loop holes. As a nation we have a very poor healthcare system and especially when it comes to mental health.. People have also been taught to believe that emotional issues are something to be embarrassed about and it simply is not true!!!!! Our government also needs to start thinking and paying attention to what people are struggling with here in America instead of the rest of the world. For 20 years we have been ignored, this does not in any way explain this tragic event, but we need to get on board with healing this nation.

  2. Debra and Mel, thank you for your notes. I remain stunned over what happened — I have been since logging on to the Internet and seeing the “breaking news” that over 20 people were killed. And I think I’m still too overwhelmed to think through what common threads such tragedies have with the topics that we’ve been discussing in terms of work and workplaces.

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