Holiday reflections and best wishes

Rockefeller Center, NYC, Dec. 2010 (photo: David Yamada)

Rockefeller Center, NYC, Dec. 2010 (photo: David Yamada)

I don’t get around to writing out Christmas or holiday cards these days, but if I did, I’d make my own using this photo I took of Rockefeller Center two years ago.

I spent that Christmas holiday with my awesome cousins in Manhattan, during which time the city experienced a full-on blizzard. It actually made for a more festive holiday. In fact, I have fond memories of trudging through the snow (only horses “dash” through the snow) with my cousins to a Broadway show, where the cast of “La Cage aux Folles” treated the hearty souls who filled up roughly half the theatre to an energized and fun performance.

So, although this photo has nothing to do with work, workers, or workplaces, I associate it with a memorable time and would like to use it as my holiday card to you, dear readers.

This also marks four years of writing Minding the Workplace, which I launched as a platform to discuss topics related to workplace bullying, employee relations, and surrounding issues of law, psychology, politics, and economics. Overall, the task of making human dignity a front-and-center priority in our workplaces remains a challenging one, and I hope that this blog delivers at least a modest contribution toward nudging us in the right direction.

I wish for you a holiday season that allows for some meaningful reflection and good company & fellowship. And if you’ve been struggling with some of the very realities that inform many of the articles here, I wish for you a 2013 loaded with better opportunities and more humane workplaces.

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  1. Thank you, David, for sharing your wisdom, experience and hopes with us as we search for ways to understand and improve our ability to relate and communicate effectively with one another. I very much appreciate all your efforts. My very best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

    Take care.

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