Working Notes: Upcoming speaking appearances, Spring 2013

I’ll be heading out of the office on several occasions during the coming months for speaking engagements, mostly on workplace bullying and related issues of labor relations. For programs accepting registrations, I’ve provided links.

Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses, State House legislative forum, Boston, MA (March 22, 2013) — I’ll be discussing the Healthy Workplace Bill, the anti-bullying legislation I’ve authored, filed in the current session of the MA legislature, House Bill No. 1766, with Representatives Ellen Story (HWB lead sponsor) and Kay Khan (HWB co-sponsor). MARN is among the organizational endorsers of the HWB.

Northeastern University School of Law, Symposium on Worker Misclassification, Boston, MA (March 22, 2013) — Sponsored by the Northeastern Law Journal, this is shaping into a very good program on the widespread problem of misclassifying workers as independent contractors and other non-employees to avoid paying wages and benefits. I’ll be speaking on the legal status of unpaid interns.

City University of New York Law School, Faculty Forum, Queens, NY (April 10, 2013) — CUNY Law is dedicated to educating future public interest lawyers. I’ll be speaking on “Law Professors as Intellectual Activists.”

New York State Psychological Association, Workshop on bullying & violence at work, New York, NY (April 28, 2013) — This workshop is sponsored by the NYSPA’s Division of Organizational, Consulting, and Work Psychology and will be held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I’ll join Dr. Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute to talk about various aspects of workplace bullying.

Work, Stress and Health Conference 2013, Los Angeles, CA (May 16-19, 2013)  — Co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association, National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, and Society for Occupational Health Psychology, this multidisciplinary, biennial conference is one of my favorites. I’ll be on panels discussing low-cost approaches to helping targets of workplace bullying (May 18) and the use of social media to promote healthy workplaces (May 18).

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  1. I wish the Healthy Workplace Bill would be passed soon. I’ve written to so many letters to politicians. I’ve tried talking to upper management at work. I was recently terminated because I broke my wrist. I was to come back to work on 11/19/2012. I was back on my regular schedule. The “bullies” at work then made up accommodations that would go against me. I was just ready to work. It is so deep and hard to explain. I contacted Job Accommodation Network. I had no input to these impossible accommodations. I was told that if I did not obey, I would be terminated. I was actually relieved – I have been suffering for almost 3 years. All of my disabilities were exacerbated. They lied at work about so much and upper management stuck together. I had never had problems for almost 24 years. I always had great employee performance evaluations. My whole life has changed. I filed with the EEOC to protect others at work. Seven people quit before me for the same reasons. They quit because they knew what was coming. I have never experienced anything so awful in my life. I try to be nice to everyone and want others to be happy. I never knew bullies were such sick people. Our department became hostile. No one would listen to me. It is very sick and not good for the economy. It has ruined my life. They even fought my unemployment – anything to upset me, break me down, or retaliate. I am starting to rebuild my life. I qualified for vocational rehab. This also has put stress on my marriage and we now have no insurance. These bullies need to be stopped – it is like getting away with a crime. I never expected adults to act like this.

    • I can certainly empathize, GEM, and it is my sincerest hope that you are able to truly rebuild your life after all that you have been through.

      I have been taking a sick leave and will be returning to work this upcoming week. My daughter had surgery and I needed time off to support her process and recovery.

      Usually I do not take time away from work partly because I do not trust that the bully in my life will not attempt to take advantage of my absence and hyper vigilance as I find that I have to, in essence, babysit her mental processes in order to circumvent any agenda that may arise that would attempt to denigrate my work that can create an atmosphere for setting the stage for firing me.

      I have, also, tried to contact my legislators. This year both my state representative, as well as my senator, have not replied to my letter requesting that they consider co-sponsoring the bill.

      My bully -immediate supervisor-and the company’s CEO are very cozy with the legislators in our county. One state representative is co-sponsoring the bill, though. He is outside of my district, however, I am most thankful that someone in our rural area is willing to name the ‘elephant in the room’.

  2. Thank you Justicepending. I just finished part 2 of my EEOC/ERD claim to make it complete. It was very difficult on me. I even wrote to Obama. His wife should be working on this.

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