Recycling: Working in the non-profit sector

I’ve spent most of my career associated with various non-profit organizations, and those experiences have taught me a lot about work life in this sector. Here’s a collection of posts especially relevant to working for non-profits:

1. Non-profits: If you need a committee to obsess over your mission statement, you may not have a real mission (July 2012) — Any decent non-profit organization should know its mission without convening a committee to define it!

2. One-way feedback: In-house employee surveys and the illusion of open decision making (July 2012) — Here’s the giveaway: YOU fill out the survey, THEY keep the raw results to themselves.

3. When survival is at stake, we need grounded leaders (July 2012) — This is especially the case when non-profits are facing limited resources and tight budgets.

4. Burnout in the non-profit sector (February 2012) — A frequent occupational hazard.

5. “Should I stay or should I go?” Career insights from Seth Godin and The Clash (September 2011) — A dilemma for those devoted to their work but suffering in their organizations.

6. When the bullying comes from a board member (August 2011) — This is a neglected topic that cries out for more research.

7. “Strategic planning”: All too often, a time-sucking bridge to nowhere (July 2011) — How many gazillions of hours have non-profits thrown away on strategic plans that are either hopelessly vague or after-the-fact validations of decisions already made?

8. How’s this for an epitaph? “She lived a balanced life” (June 2011) — Some work-life balance thoughts, a frequent issue for those dedicated to their causes.

9. Workplace bullying in the non-profit sector  (January 2011) — If you’ve been around non-profits long enough, you know that bullying behaviors aren’t limited to the big bad corporations!

10. Is your workplace psychologically and ethically healthy? (July 2010) — Surprisingly (perhaps), these questions sometimes are overlooked in non-profit work settings.

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