Radio day: WBUR segment on workplace bullying

WBUR's graphic for this story

WBUR’s graphic for the online story

This afternoon I was a guest on WBUR’s Radio Boston program, talking about the Healthy Workplace Bill and workplace bullying in general. You can listen to the 24-minute program here. You also can go online to add your comments.

I was interviewed at WBUR’s studios by program hosts Meghna Chakrabarti and Anthony Brooks. Management-side employment lawyer Andrew Botti joined us by phone to offer a contrary viewpoint about the need for workplace bullying legislation.

WBUR is Boston’s NPR news station. Many thanks to the producers and program hosts for their hospitality to this first-time on air guest.

2 responses

  1. Comprehensive coverage of the facts and perceptions in a most articulate manner. As a human resource professional and an organizational change agent, I know how to implement structures steps, training etc, to prevent bullying and to effectively intervene. Really, it is not that hard to do this. The solutions to set up systems for success are so available and the costs of not doing so are obvious. I hope the bill succeeds so that top leadership gets going on making what is really not hard or expensive, a set of solutions to raise the bar of interpersonal conduct. Leadership sets the tone, the law provides incentive and remedy in severe cases, and a trained consultant like myself can implement successful organizational and leadership development solutions.

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