Specific workplace bullying strategies & tactics

During the past two years, I’ve been writing more about specific workplace bullying strategies and tactics, and many of these posts have attracted a lot of “hits” from search engines. I thought it might be useful to collect some of them here, in somewhat random order:


Gaslighting as a workplace bullying tactic (2012)

Is gaslighting a gendered form of workplace bullying? (2013)

Blame the target

When workplace bullies claim victim status: Avoiding the judo flip (2013)

Puppet master bullying vs. mobbing

“Puppet master” bullying vs. genuine mobbing at work (2012)


“Splitting” as a workplace bullying tactic (2013)

Covert bullying

Will workplace bullying become increasingly covert and indirect? (2012)


If workplace cyberbullying is worse, then what can targets do about it? (2012)

Track and trash: Beware of the “word stalkers” (2012)

Making targets disappear

Erase and forget: “Unpersons” and institutional memory (2011)

2 responses

  1. How might you categorize this? Senior managers declared unspecified duties “unnecessary” without telling anyone involved in the actual delivery of the program, Changes are characterized as streamlining the process and improving efficiency. Using the accepted practice that all changes must be presented to an oversight committee for review and approval, a junior manager presents such changes to the committee which then approves the changes which mean less work for them. In reality, the result will be less service to program clients.

  2. I have experienced all of these during my long bullying at work. It is so obvious to me now. The Healthy Workplace Bill will be passed. People like this must be stopped. I am trying everything to stop this horrific treatment of human beings. I am now experiencing PTSD due to the bullying. You have to get to a point where you can be the observer of your situation, like perhaps another bad situation in your life. I am going to write an editorial for the newspaper. I have contacted Dr. Phil, CBS, ABC, NBC – thought it would be a great story. I was not the only one bullied at my company – over 10 that I know of. I stuck it out the longest. This would be a stepping stone to make our Country healthier and eliminate those who enjoy tormenting others. It is such a simple solution to a difficult problem haunting so many employees. Instead, the opposite is done – keep the bullies and get rid of the great workers. I just cannot comprehend it?

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