A Note from Your Host: On blogging

Hello dear readers, just a quick note sharing some thoughts and news of a new personal blog that I started:

Learning from the testimony of others

My last post, Why targets of workplace bullying need our help: A rallying cry from the heart, reprinted a comment left by a reader, recounting her attempts to recover from a horrific, sustained campaign of bullying and mobbing. Her eloquent words inspired a lot of thoughtful comments, and I’d invite you to read them.

This exchange reinforced for me the value of social networking and this particular form of online communication as a way of sharing experiences and ideas. I know that it was especially validating for others who have experienced this form of abuse.

A new personal blog: Musings of a Gen Joneser

For some time I’ve wanted to write more about “my” generation, that group born roughly between 1954 and 1965 and dubbed by some as “Generation Jones.” I finally put together a design, wrote up a few initial posts, and gave the new blog a name: Musings of a Gen Joneser. Here are links to the first five posts:

Welcome, dear readers!

How will Generation Jones make its mark?

Fall is my most nostalgic season

Can Generation Jones talk to its animals?

Generation Jones, 9/11, and a formative decade

As you’ll see, Musings of a Gen Joneser often will take on a lighter tone than this blog, featuring a bit of pop culture and nostalgia to go with the more serious issues. On occasion there will be some overlap between it and Minding the Workplace, resulting in some cross postings between them.

Gen Jones at work

It took me a while to accept the Generation Jones label, so even though I’ve written a fair amount on generational issues here, you won’t find many references to the term. But here are three posts on work-related themes relevant to Gen Jones:

My Labor Day 2013 wish: Good, stable, bully-free jobs for Generation Jones (2013)

Retirement expert: “Most middle-class Americans will become poor or near-poor retirees” (2012)

Are you a Marathoner or a Sprinter? (2009)

Blog subscriptions

Did you know that you can subscribe to either or both of my WordPress blogs for free? That’s right, every time I publish a post, it’ll land in your inbox. Just sign up by going to “Follow this blog” at the top right of Minding the Workplace and/or Musings of a Gen Joneser and enter your e-mail address.

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