Writing and implementing a workplace anti-bullying policy: A new WBI DVD set for employers


The Workplace Bullying Institute has released a new DVD set, “Writing Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedures,” for employers who want intensive guidance and instruction on incorporating bullying prevention and response into their employee relations practices.

The DVD set features Dr. Gary Namie, plus a cameo appearance by yours truly explaining some of the legal implications and offering suggestions on how employers can work with their attorneys in finalizing their policies and procedures. Here’s a piece of the description from the WBI website:

This DVD is the substitute for in-person group facilitation by Dr. Namie. Instructions are provided that allow the designated Policy Writing Group to create the most comprehensive set of policy provisions, informal solutions, and formal enforcement procedures possible. Dr. Namie delivers the step-by-step instructions that will result in a new policy and set of procedures in a single day.

. . . It is suggested that writing be collaborative. The Policy Writing Group explores the organization’s values and expectations regarding abusive conduct at work. No boilerplate works. Policies are not one-size-fits-all. Only those who work at your organization understand the idiosyncrasies of their unique workplace culture. Our process results in a policy specific to your organization with all of the accompanying ethical and logistical questions answered.

The instructions are accompanied by sample terms and provisions.

There are two pricing options: $299 for the DVD set; and $399 for the DVD set plus a one-hour phone or Skype consultation with Gary Namie to review the draft created by the employer. In other words, this is no “plug and play” policy, to be simply pasted into an employee handbook. The DVD set costs money, and it requires work and thought by the employer to follow through. It is for employers who are willing to sweat the details to build a healthy and productive workplace.

When it comes to addressing workplace bullying, there are no panaceas or quick fixes. Employers, unions, mental health professionals, the legal system, and other stakeholders all have to get on board. Teaching organizations how to deal with bullying preventively and responsively is a big piece of the puzzle. This training DVD is a useful step in the right direction.


Go hereĀ for the full description and ordering information.

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