Working Notes: Healthy Workplace Bill video and WBI fundraising campaign for workplace bullying survey

Hello dear readers! I wanted to share a couple of important items concerning workplace bullying:

Healthy Workplace Bill video (6 mins)

If you’re wondering why we need the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, take a look at this short, snappy, informative video by Deb Falzoi of Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates.

WBI crowdfunding campaign for new national survey

In 2007 and 2010, the Workplace Bullying Institute teamed with Zogby International pollsters to conduct national prevalence surveys about workplace bullying. These surveys have been cited extensively by scholars, advocates, and the media.

Now, WBI is raising $6,000 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to conduct a third national survey. Thanks to its ongoing association with Zogby, the survey will be done at a fraction of the cost normally associated with such an extensive effort. With less than two weeks to go, the campaign has raised over 2/3 of the required funds. Please consider contributing to support the latest scientific research on workplace bullying, resulting in a study that will be accessible to the public. The campaign includes donor incentives, including buttons, books, and DVDs.

2 responses

  1. Great video – gets to the point. I hope others will send this out to friends/family/legislators/representatives, etc. As many people as you can!

    The video describes bullying in the workplace very well. It includes everything that happened to me, only that the company I worked for forgot I was protected class (which I still do not know makes a difference).

    Currently I am awaiting EEOCs answer after 3 years of bullying. I was bullied/harassed at a very large non-profit organization, which I heard can be the worse.

    I still feel that bullying and harassment are so close, they should be considered the same.

    Good luck to all and I pray this bill will be passed in the entire United States.

    • It seems to me that current harassment legislation is based on the assumption that some “bad actors” will behave badly on the basis of a protected characteristic of the target. While this is probably not entirely inaccurate, the bottom line is that “bad actors” behave badly based on some combination of their own characteristics and the characteristics of the environment in which they are explicitly or implicitly “entitled” to act in a manner that harms others for any (or no apparent) “reason”.

      The Healthy Workplace Bill essentially removes that entitlement, and holds employers accountable when they fail to protect their own best interests, which are exquisitely linked to the well being and functional capacity of employees. There’s really no logical or moral argument that supports the status quo.

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