APA launches new webpage on workplace bullying

The American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence has just launched its new webpage of resources for employers and individuals who want to learn more about preventing and responding to workplace bullying:

On this page, you’ll find a collection of workplace bullying resources, including articles and research abstracts, book recommendations, useful statistics and links to other high-quality resources. Check out the short video about workplace bullying, below, and share it with the HR staff and managers in your organization to help get the conversation started.

It was my privilege to serve as a pro bono subject matter expert to the Center and its director, Dr. David Ballard, in developing this page and the accompanying video (see above). Many of these resources will be familiar to long-time readers of this blog, and the APA’s new initiative will highlight them for a far wider range of organizations and workers.

8 responses

  1. Hopefully the APA realizes the need to train more practitioners to treat workplace trauma. In practically a yearlong search, those in my network who have this specific training, including PTSD are few and full. This represents the ache of society today. Reflect on how many times articles and news program use the word fear.

    • Alas, given that this is coming from the side of the APA dealing with organizational rather than clinical psych, it’s indicative of how therapy and counseling remain behind the curve in responding to workplace bullying.

      I’m glad, however, that they agreed to include the links to educating counselors and therapists.

  2. Maybe I’m in a cynical mood, but, where was the APA 20 years ago? Covering it up like everybody else? Well, I guess, better late than never.

    • Well, to be fair, I don’t see a cover-up: Two decades ago, the term “workplace bullying” was nowhere to be found in the vocabulary of American employee relations. Even a decade ago, it was just starting to become mainstreamed. The APA, to its credit, has been very open to those of us researching and presenting on workplace bullying at its biennial “Work, Stress and Health” conference. As for the APA webpage and video, I appreciate the fact that the APA reached out to me — a law professor, not a psychologist — as a resource person for suggesting much of the content, including extensive input on the script for the video, which doesn’t pull punches about the dynamics of bullying at work.

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