New WBI workplace bullying survey: Men bully more than women, and women are most frequent bullying targets

The latest Workplace Bullying Institute public opinion survey on workplace bullying in the U.S., summarized here last week, yielded a number of useful, albeit unsurprising, findings concerning gender:

  • Men are 69% of the perpetrators and females are 31%;
  • When men bully, females are 57% of targets and males are 43%;
  • When women bully, females are 68% of targets and males are 32%;
  • Overall, women are 60% of bullying targets and men are 40%.

These figures largely affirm previous statistical trends on workplace bullying and gender breakdowns.

The 2014 WBI survey, done in conjunction with Zogby Analytics, surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults in late January. A full 17-page summary of the survey findings is available in pdf format here.


Kerri Stone’s work on gender and workplace bullying

These results underscore the relevance of Prof. Kerri Stone’s (Florida International University) 2009 law review article on gender considerations concerning workplace bullying. (You may access the article abstract and pdf here.)

Previous post

I attempted to piece together my thoughts on the challenging question of female-to-female bullying in this 2011 blog post, “Female-to-female workplace bullying: Homespun theory on an imperfect storm.”

3 responses

  1. Here is another way women bullies work their evil. My former manager bullied me so hard that she even went as far as violating a security system! Then her Department Manager (the two hate each other by the way) in trying to cover up for this team manager ill doings was caught trying to do the cover up! The former manager walks away from the situation with a slap on the hand and the Department manager is facing worse reprimand. However this DM is the girlfriend to an Operations Manager and now he is doing the bullying. He’s working so hard at it too. All I do is pray and be the same person as usual. I am ill because of it. But I look at it this way. I might as well get a paycheck.
    And if history repeats itself this OPS manager too will get caught. It’s best from what I have surmised from being bullied by them since 2010; is to leave them to their own devices. If someone is left to their own devices, they are not controlled and can do what they want. After all water seeks its own level they say.

  2. I just don’t believe that men are more likely to be bullies than women. Men are more obvious. They’re more likely to choose the bludgeoning approach. Female bullies will cleverly cut you without you even realizing who had the knife. Then they’ll pretend to be your friend.

    Thank God most people are decent.

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