Music as a work tonic

Last Friday afternoon, I could barely keep my eyes open as I tried to get some work done on my computer. I was still feeling the heavy drag of a bad cold that has been doing a number on me. A short walk around the office didn’t help much. Even two cups of black coffee weren’t delivering the desired pep in my step.

With very little gas left in my tank, I clicked to my iTunes songs and opted for a play list of favorite 80s tunes. Almost immediately, I felt a surge of energy coming back.

Nothing like a few numbers by Duran Duran and The Clash to recharge the batteries!

While it won’t rank as one of my more productive Friday afternoons, I got much more done than I thought possible when I could hardly control my drooping eyelids.

I probably could chase down some studies showing how music has this effect on people. But I don’t need the peer-reviewed articles to tell me what I’ve experienced over and again: Music can be a great tonic. It can be the pick-me-up that allows one to salvage some productivity from an otherwise low-energy day.

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  1. I thought I’d share this passage that resonates with me-

    “The body is indeed healed by the remedies of medicine; but spirit, which is the airy vapour of our blood and the link between body and soul, is tempered and nourished by airy smells, by sounds, and by song.”
    Marsilio Ficino, letters

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