Workplace bullying: Enduring concerns and questions

What are some of the major concerns and questions about workplace bullying that cause people to go online and search for information and answers? One unscientific but useful indicator is the listing of page views or “hits” on specific articles from this blog that discuss aspects of workplace bullying. These page views are typically the result of online searches and deliberate clicks to article titles.

I used the WordPress reporting function for bloggers to compile a list of the most popular blog posts as measured by hits during the past year, and these are the bullying-related pieces that attracted at least 1,000 standalone views, drawn from the over 1,250 articles posted here:


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  1. Thanks for sharing highlights on your site traffic. I haven’t encountered this with other blogs I follow but think it is a great idea. Informative and a nice way to gauge how my own interests fit with other readers.

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