A screening question for our next American President

For this guy, the answer is "yes"

For this guy, the answer was “yes”

As I was reading statements from one of the announced U.S. Presidential candidates this morning, I realized that this is one of the most important questions for me in casting a vote: Does this person have empathy for those who are facing tough times or trying to recover from a setback?

It’s not the only question, mind you. For any elected office, I want a leader with the right experience, intelligence, imagination, judgment, and, when necessary, courage. I want someone I trust. And although it’s easy to take potshots at our elected officials at times, I think we have a lot of good people in public service.

But all of these other, important characteristics don’t matter to me if their heart is cold. Furthermore, given the very human decisions a President must make, having someone in office without that core capacity scares me for what it says about our country. We need someone with genuine heart quality.

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  1. Excellent! The 1971 Stanford prison experiment has all key characteristics of bullying in the workplace. If has not happened to you in your work life great. The bullying experience is more prevalent than in the office, hospital environment. Thank you.

  2. David, you are absolutely correct. Important to me is to have elected officials who are practicing a faith belief. Some of the current rhetoric would not be happening with a person of faith. Mocking others, etc., is a form of bullying, and we need to change that attitude. My thought about is based on the belief that one can not answer to a higher being and be cruel to others.

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