Five terrific words from targets of workplace bullying

“I got a new job!”

On occasion, folks who have experienced workplace bullying will drop me a quick line to report the good news. Sometimes they got a new job while still struggling in the old one. Other times they had left or been pushed out of their old job and then found a new gig. More than a few had to look long and hard for a new position.

At times the new job doesn’t pay as well as the previous one, or maybe it isn’t as high up on the organizational chart. It may even mean finding a new line of work or occupation.

Nevertheless, securing new employment after experiencing workplace bullying can be a big step toward personal renewal. Here are a few points to ponder when this opportunity presents itself:

First, it’s absolutely natural to have apprehensions about returning to work after being bullied, mobbed, or abused at a previous job. You’ve gone through a terrible time, and such experiences can have staying power.

Second, go into the new job with a hopeful, positive, but realistic attitude. This very well could be a better situation than the one you left. However, no job is perfect, and few are free of conflict or occasional disagreements. Manage your expectations and try not to overreact to a few natural ups and downs.

Third, continue to work on your recovery and renewal, on your own and with help. As challenging as it may be, you are the best director for your own play. Good luck.


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3 responses

  1. Congratulations to all who’ve found new jobs! May you have a much more positive
    experience there — and may that help you to recover from the negative effects of
    your prior job. Every job that is not a situation of workplace abuse is like a piece
    of Holland redeemed from the sea! Hopefully, one day, we will all be able to employed
    in situations where the forfeiture of self-respect is not a prerequisite — with its
    inevitable ill effects on the mission of the organization. Bravo!

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