Looking ahead: How can we advance worker dignity in 2016?

(Image courtesy of free-letters.com)

(Image courtesy of free-letters.com)

Maybe it’s the time change and the raw, colder weather here in Boston, but I find myself already looking ahead to 2016, thinking about how we can advance worker dignity during the year to come.

For many readers, those thoughts go to workplace bullying and how we can stop it. Here in Massachusetts, we’ve got a decent chance of turning the Healthy Workplace Bill into law during the 2015-16 session of the legislature. We’ve got some 58 sponsors and co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the bill has been ushered through the main House committees and is ready for a House floor vote, and we’re only halfway through the session.

In addition, I’m still buoyed by the workshop on workplace bullying that we held in Boston a few weeks ago as part of Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week. It made for intensive, enlightening, and interactive discussions among an exceptional group of people committed to stopping workplace bullying and advancing worker dignity. I hope that other groups will plan similar gatherings.

So if you’re inclined, please consider this question for yourself: How will you support worker dignity during 2016? Whether it’s practicing the Golden Rule at work, helping to pass anti-bullying legislation, pro-actively creating better workplaces, or any of many other options, there’s something you can do.

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  1. I admire the writings and effort of David. It helped sustain me through a very difficult three years of emotional abuse.
    The reality is that employers have the upper hand and practically the proposed legislation will offer protection to a tiny percent of those who suffer within unhealthy workplaces.
    The legal expense alone to stand up to a workplace bully after you lose your job is astronomical .
    Employment law even if the new legislation passes is so stacked against a decent, honest employee that it is unlikely many of any find any relief.
    Thanks for all the support David it helps mitigate against the damage when you lose to a bully.

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