Courageous, artistic workplace anti-bullying advocacy at MA State House

Photo from the Inside Out Project

(photo courtesy of Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying)

Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying is an artistic photo display spearheaded by educator and workplace bullying target Torii Bottomley to raise public awareness about workplace bullying and to voice support for the Healthy Workplace Bill (House No. 1771, currently before the MA legislature). It is making its official debut on the 4th floor of the Massachusetts State House, and it will be up throughout the week until Friday, April 22.

The display features photographs of 14 individuals who have been targets of workplace bullying, along with their names and statements about the circumstances surrounding their experiences.

Here is the project statement:

Work shouldn’t hurt! Research shows bully bosses target the MOST SUCCESSFUL employees out of envy for their skills and ethics. This abuse comes at a proven cost to every state’s economy. We call on the great state of Massachusetts, with a history of “firsts” in progressive legislature, to FACE WORKPLACE BULLYING. By passing the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill, the abusers, not the state, will be economically responsible for their actions!

Above all, this is what moral courage is all about. Fourteen individuals have stepped forward to put very human faces on this movement. Not happy, smiley faces either. Rather, stern, serious, angry, and pained faces of people who are calling for change. They’re trying to tell us something, yes? I am proud to acknowledge and salute them.

(photo courtesy of the INSIDE OUT Project)

(photo courtesy of Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying )


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  1. The motivation for this project was healing. The installation is meant to inspire conversation about adult bullies and adult targets. The goal is to stop workplace bullying. Anita Hill’s public suffering resulted in legislation that gave us protection from sexual harassment. To repay this debt, our charge is to make the workplace safer for the next generation. We are the Anita Hills of this movement; targets who have been socially ridiculed, injured, dismissed yet still standing, held up by whispers of hope and the memory of the road to legal guarantees to a sexual harassment-free work environment.

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