The Day After


As this angry, vulgar, and often heartless American presidential campaign trudges toward its November 8 Election Day, I can’t help but wonder how we will start to pick up the pieces the day after.

This blog is mainly about work, workers, and workplaces. But the broader political climate certainly relates to jobs, the labor market, and employee relations, and that climate is quite dismal. Both the tone and substance of this campaign have been largely absent any sense of dignity, kindness, and empathy, and the interests of everyday workers and their families have been largely marginalized in the so-called debate.

Dignity, kindness, and empathy. Sheesh, I feel silly even invoking these words in association with a national campaign season, especially this one.

Such is the disconnect between our current politics and our current human needs. I hope that we can avoid a truly horrific result in November, but regardless of the outcome, we will be ripe for a reckoning and major stock taking once the votes are counted.

4 responses

  1. David,
    A very well stated and to the point post. The conduct of our potential leaders mirrors how so many Americans have treated each in other spaces within our society. What frightens me most is how many folks are attracted to these cruel behaviors. They actually believe that bullying is a true reflection of good, sound leadership.

    I am praying for our nation.
    Best regards

  2. The rest of the world is looking at America with bewilderment and disbelief – that it is not possible that someone who treats others with so much disregard and disrespect could possibly be the next leader of one of the greatest countries in the world.

    We hold our breath that saner (and kinder) minds will prevail on November 8th.

    Susan (from Canada)

  3. What is even scarier is the fact that he has gotten as far as he has. He represents Americans??? How did he get there unless you have a large group of people that think like he does?

  4. Here in the UK, we simple or at least I, can’t believe what is actually unfolding in America. I’ve listened into conversations, unavoidably, on the trains about how Trump signals the end of America. This statement “end of America” is indeed open to interpretations but one can’t help thinking how bad times are now upon America.

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