Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week 2016: At the keyboard


This marks the annual Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week, as proclaimed by the Workplace Bullying Institute. Here in Boston, I’ve observed past Freedom Weeks by organizing various educational programs. But for this year I’m mostly at the keyboard, working on writing projects, including a co-edited, multidisciplinary, two-volume book project on workplace bullying and mobbing that I’ve mentioned here earlier. We’re looking at a publication date sometime in 2017, and with the bulk of the grunt work on our end spanning the current calendar year.

My co-editor, Dr. Maureen Duffy, is a leading authority on mobbing behaviors. She invited me to join her as a co-editor of the project after receiving an invitation from a publisher to submit a book proposal. We’ve assembled a super strong team of some two dozen chapter contributors, with a primary focus on developing an American perspective on workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse. We are adopting an Ameri-centric focus to help distinguish our project from the many other excellent multi-author volumes that take global or European perspectives.

This is pretty unglamorous work, a long slog of reading, writing, and editing drafts of book chapters. However, it is the necessary stuff of building a knowledge base about these destructive workplace behaviors. The various chapters will summarize what we know about bullying and mobbing at work, discuss best practices and potential policy solutions for responding to them, and examine how these behaviors manifest themselves in various work sectors.

Our book project joins with the work of many others who are striving to stop the scourge of abusive work environments. Hat’s off to everyone who is part of these efforts.


3 responses

  1. good work David Iʻm submitting an abstract for a chapter contributing to a book on workplace bullying amongst women academics in New Zealand. any publicatons you recommend please send them my way. i spent 25000 on a lawyer and nothing was accomplished and union then pulls out because you get a lawyer. all useless and nothing was done or accomplished except i could leave earlier than the six months in the contract. regards, robin shepherd

  2. Congrats on partnering with Maureen Duffy – love her work and have a couple of her books. I particularly liked Mobbing, causes – consequences and solutions.

  3. Thank you so much for the work all of you are doing! Anyone who has been a target of mobbing appreciates your efforts to create and maintain healthy workplaces. Heartfelt thanks!

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