Feedspot tags MTW a top workplace and bullying blog

Feedspot, a popular online content reader, has named Minding the Workplace a “Top 75 Workplace Blog” and a “Top 20 Bullying Blog.” MTW was listed 39th among the top 75 workplace blogs and websites and 9th among the top 20 bullying blogs and websites.

I’m very grateful to be included in both of these listings. This is my ninth year of writing this blog, and it remains one of the most rewarding parts of my work. Over the years I’ve received very positive feedback on many articles. I’m especially aware that MTW has helped many  targets of workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse to understand their experiences and, when possible, develop strategies for responding.

I didn’t know what to expect when I began this blog, but the experience has been very meaningful. Of course, it all starts and ends with you, my readers, and I thank you for your ongoing interest.

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  1. Congrats David…you and the Namies tie for #1 in my book. I’m not sure of the relevancy of timely RSS feeds of new content relative to workplace bullying issues. My feeling is that timeliness of new content isn’t as important as depth of relevancy to the issues of breakthrough problem solving regarding remedies.

    What I love, though, is your, what’s the current term, “intersectionality;” that social categorization orientation according to race, class, and gender may be part of it, or maybe it’s more an “interdisciplinary” approach to the workplace bullying abusive behavior issues: humiliation studies and therapeutic justice and neurobiological socio-psychopathic studies and politics and fairness/justice issues and legislative activism, etc. Sometimes it’s challenging keeping up with your interests, but that’s what makes your blogs amazing and such a valuable research and reference resource! Please keep it up.

    “The first principle of nonviolent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.”
    ~Mahatma Gandhi

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