Popular older pieces on workplace bullying

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Dear readers, with this blog turning ten years old in December, I’ve been spending some time looking at some of my earlier posts. Not surprisingly, the most common and popular topics have pertained to workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse.

Drawing from the first five years of Minding the Workplace, the following dozen articles on bullying and related topics have proven to be the most popular with readers, as measured by search engine “hits.” (The numbers range from around 5,000 to nearly 30,000 — the latter being the article on gaslighting as a workplace bullying tactic.) In recent years, I’ve revised some of these entries to incorporate new information and insights.

Especially for those of you who have discovered this blog in more recent years, perhaps these “vintage” pieces may be of interest.

Workplace bullying: Recognition, response, recovery, and renewal (2013)

When workplace bullies claim victim status: Avoiding the judo flip (2013)

Gaslighting as a workplace bullying tactic (2012; rev. 2017)

Maryland teachers sue for bullying and harassment (2012, with updates)

Workplace bullying in the non-profit sector (2011; rev. 2016)

When the bullying comes from a board member (2011; rev. 2017)

Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder and workplace bullying (2011)

Bullied at work? Avoid making these common mistakes (2010; rev. 2016)

Is emotional detachment an antidote for a nasty workplace? (2010; rev. 2016)

The workplace bullying suicide of Jodie Zebell, age 31 (2010)

Workplace bullying and mobbing in academe: The hell of heaven? (2009; rev. 2014)

Workplace bullying in healthcare I: The Joint Commission standards (2009)

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  1. I just posted your link to the “Federal Land Management Agency Employees Against Hostile Work Environments” facebook page. Boy howdy, is there a lot of abuse against employees — especially in the Forest Service. Lots of discussion now about Gaslighting and mobbing. Thanks for providing the resources to help folks in need.

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