WBI video seminar for targets of workplace bullying

An ongoing challenge for the workplace anti-bullying movement is providing useful information and guidance for those who have been targets of this form of interpersonal abuse. Although we have made great strides in terms of public education on workplace bullying, mobbing, and related behaviors, the helping modalities for targets have yet to catch up with our general understanding of this destructive phenomenon. Among other things, awareness of work abuse still lags behind within the mental health treatment and coaching professions. While many therapists, counselors, and coaches readily understand, say, the health-impairing effects of domestic abuse or sexual harassment, they do not necessarily grasp how workplace bullying is a very similar form of mistreatment.

This is among the reasons why I am happy to recommend a new video seminar, “Workplace Bullying Action Plan and Tutorial,” by Dr. Gary Namie, co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI). I have been affiliated with WBI on a pro bono basis dating back to the late 1990s, and I have been witness to the birth of their many publications, materials, and services. In terms of multimedia materials, this is easily the “beefiest” of their offerings for bullying targets.

This deeply informative and helpful video seminar goes into the details:

  • It explains the dynamics of workplace bullying, the impacts on those who are targeted (and others), and the neuroscience of bullying behaviors.
  • It provides practical guidance and advice for bullying targets who are assessing their options and developing a plan for response and recovery.
  • It also ties individual experiences to the broader experience of workplace abuse and the work of the workplace anti-bullying movement.

As a graduate of WBI’s intensive, three-day Workplace Bullying University on-site training and education course, I recognized a lot of content from the course in the video. In fact, one could say that it’s a boiled-down version of that course, with information curated specially for targeted workers and their families.

You may go here for a full description of the Workplace Bullying Action Plan and Tutorial and ordering information.


For more resources for targets of workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse, please the Need Help? page of this blog.

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