America votes, and the results will define our future

As the United States experiences an alarming, nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases, we face an election that will define us for the foreseeable future. The nation’s fundamental integrity and heart quality are on trial. If we do not elect a new President, it is quite possible that the American experiment is over.

Among many other things, I have been saddened and appalled at how the current administration has mishandled the pandemic. Reelecting the incumbent will be the equivalent of imposing a death sentence on hundreds of thousands of unwitting victims, fueled by the dishonesty, ignorance, and cruelty that have defined this man’s nearly four years in office.

The incumbent is doing everything he can to suppress the vote in battleground states and plant seeds of doubt in the election results if he loses. We have never seen anything like this in the modern history of presidential politics.

No other public figure has ever had such a negative effect on my day-to-day quality of life. I feel like I have been forced to endure an abusive civic relationship. The fact that much of my work as an academic addresses behaviors such as bullying, gaslighting, and abuse of power has sharpened my understanding of what we’ve been enduring.

By contrast, I think well of Joe Biden. He is a decent human being and a capable, street-smart public servant. I have long believed that he is the best candidate to win back the White House from its current occupant. When I put my ballot in the mail a few weeks ago, I was happy to vote for him and Kamala Harris. I pray that I voted for the winning ticket.

The weeks to come will determine the future of America’s soul, not to mention our ability to defeat and recover from a deadly pandemic. We live in momentous times.


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  1. The unwarranted harassments this President has been put through reminds me of the harassment I endured at Dana- Farber Cancer Institute as my employer.
    The mainstream media is horribly biased – follow the money.
    His unprecedented success where former presidents have horribly failed are a testament to what he is capable of.
    Enough if the abuse of this devoted patriot!

  2. Aliana, like David, I am a professional who is educated, trained, and experienced in the area of identifying abuse. I would not make statements lightly. I would collect facts, weigh probabilities, evidence, and share my thoughts, perspectives, and opinions – thoughtfully. This president has rallied thousands of people – numerous times, without masks, during a deadly pandemic. He has placed his voters at risk of illness and death. What about this is false? Why shouldn’t Americans be disgusted and speak out his lethal actions? He blew it so bad he has cost thousands their lives. Have you seen the statistics? Read the research? The facts are readily available to you. Aliana, he is the world’s biggest bully. He has manipulated, lied, fabricated stories, and brainwashed you to vote for him. He does not care about you, or any of his followers as long as you vote for him. Just like the bullies in your workplace, they will step on anyone to get what they want. He is doing this to you now. He has many believing his lies and he will do anything to get his seat in power. He has surrounded himself with like minded crooks. If this has taught you anything, I hope it is the power of brainwashing because even the worlds biggest bully has conned you. Now maybe you can understand how bullies at work con others into targeting good, hard working, dedicated, ethical people like yourself. I am a workplace bullying expert, and I am calling out this bully as often as I can. No more silence, no more enabling, no more denial. I hope you will see the light, save yourself, and do the right thing for your country. He is a monster. I am not in this to get you to vote for another, like thousands of others, I am a Canadian watching, worried, and fearful of what his destruction will cost us (the world), if he gets in again. The world is watching this mess.

    • Linda, I am glad you are openly sharing your thoughts as I am. This has become very rare and dangerous in this cancel environment where people are forced to suppress their opinions, especially if they are conservative.
      President Trump is an older generation New York entrepreneur who thinks and acts fatherly and protective.
      He has been misquoted ( Charlottesville in particular -listen to his actual quote in full) to paint him a racist and obsessively about his handling of the Corona Virus that is spiking again right now all over the world and specifically Germany, Italy and France after major measures.
      The President knows the danger we are facing and like a protective father is cautioning is but also encouraging us to live, while carrying the heavy burden of knowledge.
      He may be tough around the edges, old fashioned and sometimes coarse but he has stopped and stalled conflict where rampant before and is capable of doing great things if people would put aside their ill will and allowed him to go ahead. That would be good for all peace loving people in the USA and abroad.

    • Thank you, Linda, for your spot on characterization of the incumbent president. Like so many neighbors around the world, you have watched the horror story of his administration unfold with terrible consequences, with your own experience serving as a clarifying lens.

      Aliana, I respect the fact that you have endured your own trials, but I fundamentally disagree with your characterization of this man. I, like Linda, think of him as a monster. And although I am not clinically trained, I would put down a lot of money on the proposition that he is a poster man for anti-social personality disorder. Even if we are successful in turning him out of office, it will take years — decades, perhaps — to heal the damage he has done, and much of the cruelty he has inflicted cannot be reversed.

  3. Thank you Aliana, for respecting my opinion. It appears that we disagree. One thing we know for sure, any decent father figure would not be putting his children at risk like this man is. Nor would he be talking about grabbing women’s private’s as if it were his right. In my opinion, he is disgusting and the last person I would consider a father figure.We are going to know the truth about him very soon. I sincerely hope this is not going to cause you more pain than you’ve already endured. You have two very successful professionals advising you on this. I do wish you could feel you can trust our judgments on this. We shall agree to disagree. Best wishes, sincerely. Linda

  4. Thanks for all your thoughtful posts.


    On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 5:22 PM Minding the Workplace wrote:

    > David Yamada posted: ” As the United States experiences an alarming, > nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases, we face an election that will define us > for the foreseeable future. The nation’s fundamental integrity and heart > quality are on trial. If we do not elect a new President, ” >

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