Why Workplace Bullying University?

After a brief hiatus, Dr. Gary Namie, co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute, will be offering a new session of Workplace Bullying University (link here) — an immersive and interactive graduate-level program on the dynamics of workplace bullying — during the weekends of January 8-9 and January 22-23, 2022. The session will be offered exclusively by Zoom.

As both a graduate of, and past participant in, this program, I can attest that it is a singularly valuable educational experience for anyone who wishes to do workplace anti-bullying work as part of their professional practices or as dedicated volunteer service. Here is a snippet of how the program is described:

The only research-driven, comprehensive curriculum on the topic in the world. Digital content – program slides, ancillary videos and audio files, and an extensive collection of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and book chapters – to enrich the take-home learning experience. Think of it as a graduate school seminar with lively interaction with all of your questions answered

This is not an inexpensive program, and it’s a considerable investment of time and attention as well. But if you’re a steady reader of this blog, then you may have seen previous entries discussing the importance of gaining specialized knowledge about workplace bullying if one wants to get deeply involved in this work. Furthermore, although being bullied at work certainly yields understandings and insights about this phenomenon, it is unwise to do anti-bullying work while assuming that one’s own experience is necessarily a universal one. After all, workplace abuse comes in many different shapes and sizes.

In sum, Workplace Bullying University provides the broader, deeper, research-based foundation for doing work in this realm. It delivers a wealth of content, insight, and informed conversation, led by the leading North American expert on the topic.

If you’re wondering whether this program is for you, then these two past blog articles may be helpful:

  • “How can I make a living doing workplace anti-bullying work? (2019) (link here)
  • Workplace Bullying University, “All Star” edition (2019) (link here)

2 responses

  1. There is still no legal recourse for victims of bullying and no way to defend against at Will firing- a tool of bullies.
    Legal costs are extremely expensive with questionable results except may force a modest settlement so the bully gets protected. While further training to understand bullying is desirable ( and make some money) it is a dead end street still after all these years as to any real recourse for most victims of bullying.

  2. Tim, you are spot on in that there just isn’t money in it for attorneys due to no legal protection and modest settlements. That said, what I like about making the training available is that is makes the groundswell stronger and that effects change for the better — little by little.

    I think back to what was available when I first came face-to-face with work abuse and what is available now – in the way of information, support, etc. – and it’s a huge difference…for the good. Though, the lack of justice remains.

    Dr. Namie’s University is too spendy for me, but for those how have the resources, I am sure it will be an excellent opportunity to learn.

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