WBI’s Workplace Bullying Podcast: Learn from authorities in the field

Dear readers, if you’d like to learn more about workplace bullying from leading researchers and subject-matter experts, then check out Dr. Gary Namie’s Workplace Bullying Podcast (link here). Here’s how Gary describes the series:

This podcast showcases the reality of workplace bullying and abusive conduct and related phenomena from the dark side of the world of work and society.

Dr. Gary Namie, Director of the Workplace Bullying Institute sits down with people of various disciplines, striving together to develop and share with you a greater understanding and insight around this topic.

The guests so far include:

  • Dr. Ståle Einarsen, Director of the Bergen Bullying Research Group and Professor at the University of Bergen in Norway, perhaps the world’s leading researcher on workplace bullying;
  • Dr. Maureen Duffy, preeminent expert on mobbing behaviors, who kindly recruited me to join her as a co-editor on a two volume book set, Workplace Bullying and Mobbing in the United States (2018);
  • Allan Halse, a relentless workplace anti-bullying advocate in New Zealand, founder of CultureSafeNZ;
  • Kathy Fodness and Alice Percy of MAPE (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees), a labor union spearheading anti-bullying efforts in Minnesota, including the adoption of a policy protecting state workers;
  • Attorney Ellen Pinkos Cobb, a leading researcher and author on workplace anti-bullying laws and author of a new book Managing Psychosocial Hazards and Work-Related Stress in Today’s Work Environment: International Insights for U.S. Organizations (2022);
  • “Luke,” a longtime TV news executive who explains abuse and toxicity in the world of corporate media;
  • G. Richard Shell, legal and business ethics professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and author of The Conscience Code: Lead with your Values. Advance Your Career (2021);
  • Carol Fehner, perhaps the original union anti-bullying activist and an expert on applying for Social Security Disability insurance;
  • Tim Jon Semmerling, PhD, JD, talks about litigating death penalty cases and explains attorney-on-attorney bullying;
  • Retired union leaders and anti-bullying advocates Greg Sorozan and Jeff Recht explain their pioneering work to engage the labor movement in addressing workplace bullying;
  • Carrie Clark, a long-time, leading anti-bullying advocate, shares how she experienced this abuse as a targeted public schoolteacher.

Folks, I have the pleasure of knowing many of these good people, and I’m delighted to recommend that you spend some time with them. Check out this important series to learn more about workplace bullying and how we can effectively respond to it.

In addition, I’ll be joining Gary for a couple of episodes during the coming months, including a special one in which I will play the role of the interviewer. Stay tuned!

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