Pass ’em on: Two short videos about workplace bullying and the Healthy Workplace Bill

In case you missed them: If you’re looking for fast, accurate, visual explanations of workplace bullying and the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, here they are. Please share them with others to spread the word about workplace bullying and how we can address it.

About workplace bullying

The American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence produced this three-minute animated video about workplace bullying:

I worked closely with the APA in developing the script for the video, and I’m delighted with the final result.

About the Healthy Workplace Bill

Deb Falzoi of the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates produced this six-minute video about the Healthy Workplace Bill:

Deb did a fantastic job of boiling down the need for this legislation and the substance of the bill itself into readily understandable basics.

Movie blog lists nine worst big screen employers

Looking for a few summer DVD movie diversions with workplace themes? Earlier this year, the movie blog TDYLF (The Droid You’re Looking For) selected the nine worst employers as depicted on the big screen. Here’s the full post with explanations (worth a click and read), and here’s the list:

1. The Quick Stop, Clerks (1994)

2. The Death Star, The Star Wars trilogy

3. The iron mines, North Country (2005)

4. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Alien (1979)

5. Initech, Office Space (1999)

6. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

7. Mordor, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

8. Shenanigan’s restaurant, Waiting… (2005)

9. Dr. Seward’s Lunatic Asylum, Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)

My confession

Yikes, I haven’t seen roughly half of these movies! That includes North Country, which earned strong reviews for its depiction of an early sexual harassment case. And, yes, Office Space, a cult favorite. Add to that Willy Wonka, which a friend described as her favorite movie!

Hmm, is it possible that I know enough about real-life dysfunctional workplaces that I don’t seek out fictional versions for entertainment?

Of course, you might quarrel with the list and have a few of your own to add — comment away! In the meantime, I’d best rev up my DVD player. I’ve got homework to do!

NBC’s Today Show Examines Workplace Bullying

Yesterday’s NBC Today Show did a nice segment on workplace bullying.  Here’s the link, via the Workplace Bullying Institute website:

Note the website comments, rightly taking issue with the NBC work expert’s assessment that “standing up” to a bully at work is the way to respond.  Although that may work on occasion, in many instances it backfires, only enraging the bully more and triggering an escalation of the abusive conduct.

[Note: Readers looking for a post on the Today Show’s segment covering the July 30, 2010 suicide of Virginia literary journal editor Kevin Morrissey, reportedly due to workplace bullying, may go here.]

Workplace bullying video

This short video from, “Calling a Bully a Bully,” features Carrie Clark of the California Healthy Workplace Advocates:  Released last year, it’s well worth a look.  Carrie is a former schoolteacher and bullying target who has emerged as a leading spokesperson in the anti-bullying movement.

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