Personal reinvention: Take a look at “50 over 50”

Definitely worth clicking around

Definitely worth clicking around

This week, the Huffington Post has been running a terrific five-day series, “50 over 50,” profiling 50 individuals who significantly changed their lives after reaching age 50 and beyond. In partnership with the TODAY Show, they’re looking at how people have reinvented themselves later in their lives, often after experiencing major challenges. Here’s a piece of Shelley Emling’s introduction to the feature:

We recently asked readers to submit nominations of people who’ve reinvented themselves for the better after age 50 as part of an initiative launched with the TODAY show called “50 Over 50.” We were overwhelmed with submissions. We heard stories of people who’d changed their lives after losing a partner, getting divorced, or suffering financial hardship or a health concern. We heard from many people who nominated themselves — something they said they never would have done before turning 50.

There’s a lot about work here. Many of the profiled individuals created new entities, shifted careers, or otherwise changed their work lives.

Here are links to the five main stories posted this week:

The Risk Takers — 10 people who took risks after 50

Career Reinvention — 10 people who reinvented their careers after 50

Following Your Passion — 10 people who followed their passions after 50

Health and Wellness — 10 people who pursued health and wellness after 50

Giving Back — 10 people who gave back to their communities after 50

Yup, this is especially for those who are on the north side of 50. If you’re in your 60s and beyond, you’ll find plenty of folks profiled in those age ranges. But even if you’re younger than 50, take a look. As I’ve learned over and again, a key to gaining wisdom is to learn lessons from those who have walked paths ahead of you.

And for the many readers who have found this blog because of bad work experiences, you’ll find some instructive inspiration here from people who have overcome difficult losses and career setbacks.

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