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It has been a year of prominent news stories related to the workplace, especially the avalanche of accounts concerning sexual harassment. Here are many of the 2017 news stories in which I’ve been quoted or where my work has been discussed:

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  1. The Boston Globe has been begged for decades to write about this scourge that destroys individuals, entire families and with them the moral fabric of our society. Only after The Globe was called on this gross omission in the Valley Patriot article of December 2017 “America’s New McCarthyism” did they finally follow up with this superficial piece. Let’s see if they investigate the conspiracy of government collusion, the favoritism in our courts for corporate entities and lack of lawyers who would even take an employment case of a middle income abused employee to begin with. The quote from the Valley Patriot that exposed the Boston Globe:
    “The stories of real victims would rip out your heart but they are hardly ever reported on. The Boston Globe, one of the worst offenders of omission, has been informed of many such cases, some involving enough evil to have pushed victims to suicide. Instead, this paper literally snowballs the # me too bandwagon. On 11.27.2017 its front page editorial read: Costs are high if the low-paid complain, subtitle: Women face big hurdles, including job loss, if they report sexual harassers,” a misleading article, to milk the sexual harassment cow from another ill-conceived angle. Other variations on this theme have since been published.
    Fact is: Anyone who reports the truth in a hostile workplace, no matter about what, gets fired and blackballed. I doubt Globe reporters don’t know that. The fallout from the pervasiveness of workplace crimes produce hundreds, if not thousands, of unemployed people, the majority of them in fact women. Many of these victims are minority women and often single mothers, unable to feed their families without a job. But these crimes that really impact individuals, that really humiliate and destroy entire families, aren’t reported on.”


  2. The Boston Globe coverage often has a “happy end” or is otherwise lacking or deceptive. In reality there are hardly ever happy ends. Most harassed out employees are lucky if they get disability. They hardly ever work again and suffer not only the trauma of prolonged emotional and often physical abuse, but also the shame, powerlessness and shear inability to provide financially for their families as a consequence of unemployment.
    It is important, when covering such a wide-spread scourge that is destructive to so many, to point out how this can go on without retribution and that it is in fact because there is hardly any leverage or retribution for abused employees that this crime has proliferated to this degree.


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